Venture Scanner Sector Maps

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The analysts at Venture Scanner provide coverage of different sectors and the companies within them. Here is a summary of some of the sectors that we are covering and their respective visual maps. To see the full list of companies, contact us at

1. 3D Printing: 9 Categories, 365 Companies, $1.3 Billion in Funding

3D Printing Logo Map
3D Printing Logo Map

2. Artificial Intelligence: 13 Categories, 1526 Companies, $9.8 Billion in Funding

Artificial Intelligence Logo Map
Artificial Intelligence Logo Map

3. Bitcoin: 12 Categories, 892 Companies, $1.9 Billion in Funding

Bitcoin/Blockchain Logo Map

4. Connected Transportation: 17 Categories, 1010 Companies, $49.1 Billion in Funding

Connected Transportation Logo Map
Connected Transportation Logo Map

5. Energy Technology: 12 Categories, 722 Companies, $41.1 Billion in Funding

Energy Technology Logo Map

6. Financial Technology: 16 Categories, 2024 Companies, $56.2 Billion in Funding

Financial Technology Logo Map
Financial Technology Logo Map

7. Future of TV: 11 Categories, 697 Companies, $20.2 Billion in Funding

Future of Television Logo Map
Future of Television Logo Map

8. Health Technology: 22 Categories, 1612 Companies, $34.8 Billion in Funding

Health Technology Logo Map
Health Technology Logo Map

9. Insurance Technology: 14 Categories, 1015 Companies, $17 Billion in Funding

Insurance Technology Logo Map

10. Internet of Things (IoT): 20 Categories, 1526 Companies, $26.3 Billion in Funding

Internet of Things Logo Map

11. Marketing Technology: 15 Categories, 1439 Companies, $20.5 Million in Funding

Marketing Technology Logo Map

12. Real Estate Technology: 12 Categories, 1273 Companies, $28.4 Billion in Funding

Real Estate Technology Logo Map
Real Estate Technology Logo Map

13. Retail Technology: 22 Categories, 1486 Companies, $33.1 Billion in Funding

Retail Technology Logo Map

14. Security Technology: 14 Categories, 767 Companies, $12.9 Billion in Funding

Security Technology Logo Map

15. Virtual Reality: 13 Categories, 573 Companies, $3.7 Billion in Funding

Virtual Reality Logo Map

Venture Scanner enables corporations to research, identify, and connect with the most innovative technologies and companies. We do this through a unique combination of our data, technology, and expert analysts. If you have any questions, reach out to

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