Introducing the Energy Technology Startup Ecosystem

We cover many emerging sectors in the startup ecosystem. Today we would like to introduce our coverage of the Energy Technology startup ecosystem. As of now, we are tracking 570 Energy Technology companies in 12 categories, with a total of $26 Billion in funding. To see the full list Energy Technology companies, contact us at

Energy Technology Visual Map

Solar Energy: Companies that generate power by converting sunlight into electricity. Examples include solar panel manufacturers, designers, installers, and monitoring solutions.

Wind Energy: Companies that generate power using air flow. Examples includes wind turbine manufacturers, designers, installers, and monitoring solutions.

Geothermal Energy: Companies that use geothermal power to generate electricity. Examples include geothermal energy development, design, and monitoring.

Hydropower Energy: Companies that generate power from the energy of moving water. Examples include wave energy converters, run-of-the-river systems, as well as project management and monitoring solutions.

Bioenergy: Companies that generate energy from biomass. Examples include bioenergy development, research, and monitoring.

Energy Production By-Product Management: Solutions that reduce waste from energy production as well as solutions that recover energy from the production of waste. Examples include treatment of waste water from fracking, treatment of nuclear waste, and conversion of non-recyclable waste into energy.

Energy Storage: New innovations in storing energy to level peak energy demand and store excess renewable energy. Examples include battery solutions, as well as storage brokers and dealers.

Energy Infrastructure: Enabling technologies in the production of energy. Examples include smart metering, energy monitoring/data analytics, and smart grid optimization.

Traditional Energy Enhancements: Technologies that improve the effectiveness and sustainability of traditional energy sources. Examples include solutions that make fossil fuel emissions cleaner and solutions that improve the efficiency of extraction.

Carbon Management: Technologies that aim to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions. Examples include solutions that capture, sequester, and store carbon emissions, carbon emission data analytics, and carbon emission recycling.

Fuel Cell Technology: Companies that generate power by using hydrogen and oxygen for fuel. Examples include fuel cell development, research, and monitoring.

Consumer Energy Efficiency Tools: B2C tools that helps consumers become more energy efficient. Examples include automated solutions to manage home energy use, energy efficient appliances, and home energy data analytics.

Venture Scanner is your platform for startup landscapes, data, and research. If you would like access to the full Energy Technology landscape and dataset, visit or reach out to


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