Introducing the Real Estate Technology Startup Ecosystem

Today we would like to introduce the Real Estate Technology startup ecosystem. As of right now, we are tracking over 635 companies in 9 categories across 45 countries, with a total of $9.66 Billion in funding. To see the full list of 635 Real Estate Technology companies, contact us using the form on

Real Estate Tech Startups
Real Estate Tech Startups

Property Management: Technologies which help in the day-to-day operations of a building. Examples include approving tenants (background screening), electronic payment of rent, and maintenance.

Construction Management: Technologies which help with the construction of new buildings. Examples include construction visualization, project management, and management of documentation.

Facility Management: Technologies focused on building efficiency and long term sustainability, from large structures to individual home units. Examples include quantifying the building (energy usage, water usage, etc.), making buildings more efficient, and building inspections.

Portfolio Management: Technologies real estate investors use to help determine their investment strategies. Examples include property data trackers at the regional and local level, information on REITs, and real estate crowdfunding.

Home Services: Technologies that support tenants in the management of their home. Examples include cleaning, renovation management, and postal services.

Home/Apartment Search: Consumer tools that aid in the process of finding both short term and long term residences. This categories includes companies like Airbnb and companies like Trulia.

Real Estate Agent Tools: Technologies that both help real estate agents do their jobs and technologies that effectively automate it.

Indoor Mapping: Companies that help create indoor models of real estate.

IoT Home: Internet of Things category focused on residential segment. Solutions include home security, automation, energy management, etc.

Venture Scanner enables corporations to research, identify, and connect with the most innovative technologies and companies. We do this through a unique combination of our data, technology, and expert analysts. If you have any questions, reach out to

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