Introducing the Insurance Technology Startup Ecosystem

Today we would like to introduce the Insurance Technology startup ecosystem. As of right now, we are tracking over 465 companies in 13 categories across 46 countries, with a total of $3.54 Billion in funding. To see the full list of 465 Insurance Technology companies, contact us using the form on

Insurance Tech Sector Map

The 13 categories in our Insurance Technology sector are as follows:

1) Product Insurance – These companies offer insurance/warranties for products that you purchase, from tech gadgets to diamonds.

2) Auto Insurance – These companies offer car insurance, including car telematics products which detect your mileage and driving behavior to customize your insurance plan.

3) Health/Travel insurance – These companies offer health or travel insurance, either for individuals or for businesses.

4) Life, Home, Property & Casualty Insurance – These companies offer life, home, and property & casualty insurance, as well as other kinds of insurance such as renters, disability, and marriage insurance.

5) Enterprise Insurance – These companies offer insurance plans for businesses, startups, freelancers, etc.

6) Insurance Comparison/Marketplace – These companies serve as a marketplace for consumers to buy insurance of any kind (car to home to health), or compare different insurance providers. These are 3rd party companies that don’t offer insurance plans themselves, but act as a brokerage agent between insurance providers and consumers.

7) Reinsurance – These companies provide insurance for other insurance companies.

8) P2P Insurance – These companies offer peer-to-peer insurance, in which a group of policyholders jointly pay for the insurance of an item that they mutually own, share, or rent (a car, a house, media equipment, etc).

9) Insurance Data/Intelligence– These companies collect, process, and analyze data analytics and business intelligence for the insurance industry.

10) Insurance User Acquisition – These companies help insurance companies acquire and manage new leads and clients.

11) Insurance Infrastructure/Backend – These companies help insurance companies with their day-to-day operations, including CRM for agents and lawyers, communication tools, claim filing tools, etc.

12) Insurance Investors/Education – These companies are investment firms that specifically invest and incubate new insurance companies, as well as resources that give information about how insurance works

13) Consumer Insurance Management Platforms – These companies offer platforms that enable consumers to manage their insurance and claims, including mobile apps that allow them to file claims right at the spot of the car accident.

Venture Scanner enables corporations to research, identify, and connect with the most innovative technologies and companies. We do this through a unique combination of our data, technology, and expert analysts. If you have any questions, reach out to

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