Internet of Things Update – Spotlighting Dropcam and Fitbit

We have updated our Internet of Things sector map for April 2015 and it is attached below. We are currently tracking over 812 companies in 16 categories across 43 countries, with a total of $6.86 Billion in funding. To see the full list of Internet of Things companies, contact us using the form on

IoT Sector Map
IoT Sector Map

The companies in this space that we are spotlighting in this update include:

1. Dropcam ( – Dropcam provides wireless security cameras to monitor the home live from smartphone applications. The user would receive notifications whenever the camera detects motion or sounds in the house. It also enables the user to communicate with people using built-in microphones. The company’s Cloud Recording service could automatically save the live video footage to be reviewed later. In May 2014 Dropcam announced a location-based motion sensor called Tabs which could be attached to items or humans, as well as a new feature that recognizes whether an object is a person or not.

2. Fitbit ( – Fitbit provides a series of wireless wearable bracelets that track the user’s daily activities to encourage exercising and healthy lifestyles. The wearable sensor collects the user’s calories burned, sleep quality, steps and distance walked. This data is then logged into the Fitbit website and mobile application so that the user could track their progress. Fitbit also offers a health community in which users could compare their activity stats and health progress against those of others to be motivated to reach their personal goals. The Corporate Wellness Program likewise enables corporations to promote healthy lifestyles amongst its employees.

Venture Scanner enables corporations to research, identify, and connect with the most innovative technologies and companies. We do this through a unique combination of our data, technology, and expert analysts. If you have any questions, reach out to

One thought on “Internet of Things Update – Spotlighting Dropcam and Fitbit

  1. Colin Robbins May 3, 2015 / 3:51 am

    Interesting list, thanks for sharing.
    I guess these are companies focused on IoT solely, and omits business that have a business unit that has IoT offerings?

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