Company Spotlight: Artisan Mobile

With the growing importance of mobile technology in the marketing automation industry, marketers and CMOs often face the need to build highly engaging mobile apps that deliver tailored, relevant content to their users. They would also need to confront the challenge of writing new code and waiting on app store approvals while iterating newer version of the mobile app. This week I examined Philadelphia-based mobile marketing company Artisan Mobile ( to learn about how it could help marketers overcome these challenges.

Artisan Mobile was founded in 2010 by CTO Scott Wasserman, who has more than 20 years of experience in leading the creation and development of successful mobile, intelligent device, and consumer software systems. Bob Moul serves as Artisan’s CEO and has over 30 years of experience in the high-technology industry. The company has currently raised $7 million in capital.

Artisan Screen Shot - Understand

Artisan Mobile enables marketers to understand their users’ behavior and activity through analytics, A/B test different workflows and designs without resubmitting to app stores, and engage users with highly personalized and relevant experiences. Marketers and CMOs can target users with personalized marketing campaigns including push notifications, in-app messages, and marketing billboards to ensure that each mobile user is provided a unique mobile experience. A truly engaging mobile experience builds loyalty between app users and the brand, fostering both growth and retention of the mobile user base.

As an example of the best use case, the crowd-sourced photography company A View From My Seat used Artisan Mobile to optimize and personalize its native mobile app in real time. The company ran A/B tests through Artisan Mobile to measure social sharing, search activity, and the effectiveness of different tab labels. A View From Seat then optimized its app based on the test results instantaneously without writing new code or resubmitting to the app store, which increased its app usage by 22 percent and its time spent in app as well.

Artisan Mobile’s target customers include marketers, product managers, designers, and developers on the brand’s mobile team.  Artisan enables marketers to target users with highly personalized experiences that deliver relevant content. Product managers can conduct sophisticated funnel and user behavior analytics without writing code. Designers can change the look and feel of A/B tests, personalizations, and marketing campaigns. Artisan also relieves developers of the need to code analytics reports or queries so that they could instead focus on building new functionalities for their apps.

Artisan Mobile’s competitors include other companies in the mobile marketing sector such as Localytics, InSequent, Mobile Labs, and Pathmapp. Yet Artisan differentiates from its competitors by enabling brands to instantly update their app designs and workflows without having to resubmit to app stores or wait for users to download app updates. Artisan also frees up developer resources and gives marketers the ability to integrate mobile with overall marketing campaigns with push notifications and in-app messaging. Artisan’s comprehensive mobile optimization and personalization functionalities prompt me to give it an analyst pulse of “High”.

This year Artisan Mobile has released some new features such as Power Hooks, Data Export, Push Notifications, In-App Messaging, Marketing Billboards, and Hybrid App Support. We look forward to seeing Artisan continue helping marketers and CMOs at brands optimize their mobile apps, drive mobile engagement, and improve their return on mobile.

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