Company Spotlight: Piwik PRO

Marketeers and CMOs at various brands and businesses often face the problem of finding effective tools to track and analyze their customer analytics. Doing so could enable them to derive significant insights from customer behavior to attract new customers and engage existing ones. They could also be looking for an analytics tool that’s fully customizable to their needs and offers more privacy control over their data. One of the tools that provides such comprehensive capabilities is the website analytics company Piwik PRO (, which I examined this week to determine its market position.

Founded in Poland in 2007, Piwik PRO offers cloud and enterprise analytics on top of its open-source analytics platform. Some of its clients include Netflix, ALDI Group, HP, the government of the Netherlands, and Lufthansa Systems. Its CEO Maciej Zawadzinski said that their target customers are CIOs of sizeable organizations, developers at emerging tech companies, and government IT departments.

Piwik screenshot

Piwik’s open analytics platform offers comprehensive web and eCommerce analytics functionalities such as visitor metrics analysis, a customizable dashboard, real-time data updates, and goal conversion tracking. In addition, it also provides extra plugins developed by its community such as treemap visualizations, bot trackers, and referrer managers. Marketeers and CMOs at brands could use Piwik to analyze their visitor demographics and optimize the user experience based on such insights to increase traffic and revenue.

In addition, marketeers could integrate Piwik into their eCommerce software to analyze customer ordering trends, conversion rates, average order values and detailed product statistics. They could use Piwik eCommerce analytics to see which products are most popular and use the data to design marketing campaigns on popular products to attract new customer groups in new markets. Decisions on special offers can also be based on Piwik eCommerce analytics on products which attract a lot of search traffic but lead to minimal conversions, as this can engage existing customers more effectively and boost sales.

Piwik PRO offers two premium products. Piwik Cloud provides secure cloud hosting service for clients who don’t want to host their analytics platform on their own servers. Piwik Enterprise enables businesses to host the Piwik platform on their own infrastructure so that they could maintain full control over the analytics data and customize Piwik to suit their individual needs. These features give marketeers the option of hosting their analytics platform in the cloud or on their servers, as well as additional flexibility in capability and privacy in data.

Piwik PRO’s competitors include other website analytics companies such as Google Analytics, WebTrends, MixPanel, and KISSmetrics. Zawadzinski said Piwik differentiates from their main competitor Google Analytics primarily in their open source technology and advanced privacy features. Unlike Google Analytics, Piwik is an open source, fully customizable, and community-driven platform where users can develop extra plugins to tailor the product to their needs and browse to find new plugins developed by other community members.

Piwik has achieved some impressive milestones this year including reaching 1.9M downloads, becoming available in more than 53 languages and active on more than 1.1M websites. Looking forward, Zawadzinski said that they are seeing strong demand from marketeers for flexible open source analytics platforms and an alternative to Google Analytics which protects their privacy. He summarizes that “as business and public concern about data ownership and privacy continues to amplify, we expect to see more businesses turning to privacy-friendly products, including Piwik PRO.”

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