Announcing the Venture Scanner Pulse Metric

One of the top requests from you, our community, is to be able to quickly get a sense for how companies within categories stack up against one another. It is very common for some categories, like Automotive Telematics, Social Media Marketing, and Consumer Lending, to have over 100 companies within them. This makes identifying the short list of companies to meet with and vet for business partnerships a very arduous task.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Venture Scanner pulse metric. True to our mission of combining analyst insights with data, we are launching two pulse metrics for companies, the Analyst Pulse and the Data Pulse.  (See what VentureBeat hast to say about our pulse metric launch: Venture Scanner’s latest update proves analyst reporting tools can be both thorough and pretty)

  • Analyst Pulse: An analyst’s assessment of a company’s health as measured by product-market fit, adoption, and business model traction.
  • Data Pulse: An assessment of a company’s health that is derived programmatically through Venture Scanner’s algorithms with input variables being publicly available data such as funding, headcount, and followers.
Pulse Screenshot
Find pulse metrics on our sector landscape pages

You can find the scores on our sector landscape pages. Companies in each category are sorted from the highest pulse to the lowest pulse. Underneath every logo you’ll see the scores, which are communicated as High, Medium, or Low for each company. A company’s score is relative to their peers in a category. Companies ranked as Highs are outperforming their peers and the Lows are underperforming their peers.

One of the things we fully acknowledge is that scores derived algorithmically have limitations given the dearth of publicly available data on private companies. That is why we emphasize the Analyst Pulse, which acts to counterbalance our Data Pulse. Our sector analysts spend their time fully immersed in the sectors they cover and talking to representative companies, so they have on-the-ground insights by which to frame their assessments.

Want to learn more about how to use the pulse metrics? Are you covered on our scans and want to discuss your pulse ranking? Connect with any of our sector analysts or with me at


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