Company in Spotlight: TotalSend

As email marketing becomes an integral part of the marketing automation industry, more and more companies begin to offer not only the core email marketing functionalities, but also additional features such as transactional emails, SMS marketing, and API integration. One of the companies in the email marketing sector that I examined this week is the Cape Town-based TotalSend (

TotalSend’s core email marketing functionalities enable the user to create email newsletter templates, manage their subscriber list, track their campaign analytics, and share their campaigns across social media. It also offers additional transactional email and SMS marketing capabilities. Transactional emails refer to automatic emails that are triggered based on a customer’s actions, such as an order confirmation email after the customer has completed a purchase. Its SMS marketing capabilities enable you to create opt-out inclusive, personalized mobile campaigns in a few steps. TotalSend’s comprehensive email marketing capabilities provide an all-in-one solution for its customers’ needs to create personalized communication with their userbase.

Check out the other email marketing companies in the visual map below and click on it to see more in my Marketing Automation scan!

Email Marketing Companies Map

Although the email marketing sector has several key barriers to entry such as a shortage of niche skills and the time needed to create a system from the ground up, there is much competition from other email marketing companies such as iContact, VerticalResponse, MailChimp, and Constant Contact. TotalSend differentiates itself from its competition by providing both mobile and email solutions on one platform, and by being one of the only email marketing companies that offers hands-on expert account management (not simply tech support) free of charge. According to TotalSend’s marketing director Duncan Land, this is “the cornerstone of our growth” and “a good illustration of how good customer service drives success in the B2B SaaS market. “

In addition, TotalSend offers competitive pricing compared to other unified messaging platforms, allowing you to send up to 250 emails per month for free and charging you $35 per month for its starter plan. It also focuses on financial services companies, growing its target customer base from the smaller senders into enterprise-scale financial services companies.

Despite its relatively small team and newcomer status, TotalSend has already achieved some milestones this year such as a 100% revenue growth between January 2013 and July 2014, and the release of their enterprise SMS platform. Looking forward, the company expects to release a full marketing automation suite next year and to increase their presence in the mobile space, predicting mobile revenue to account for 30% of the revenue in 2015. As Land summarizes, “TotalSend is a good example of how a well-focused startup can make inroads into an established and highly competitive space in the online services market.”

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