Company in Spotlight: NewsCred

Content marketing technology has quickly become one of the significant pillars of the marketing automation industry. According to a recent article, 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company through content marketing than through advertising. I interviewed one of the companies in the content marketing sector, New York-based NewsCred (, to learn more about its product and service in helping brands connect with consumers.

NewsCred is a content marketing platform that provides the software, content, and strategy for businesses to create and distribute content for marketing purposes. NewsCred’s VP of Marketing Alicianne Rand and Business Development Manager Justin Guttman demonstrated the company’s product and features through their presentation and showed me how the software platform works.

NewsCred’s enterprise software suite manages every step in the content marketing process, from content creation, to collaborative workflow, to distribution and analytics. NewsCred provides licensed content from 4,500 publishers and custom content through its own in-house content creation network. Furthermore, its Strategic Services and Editorial Teams will provide content strategy for the overall success of the business’s content marketing efforts. After the content is published on the website and shared across social channels, its analytics measure the social engagement and audience reach of the content strategy. NewsCred’s comprehensive content marketing solution ensures that businesses could market themselves through quality content in a seamless process.


Many of NewsCred’s competitors reside in the content marketing sector, such as Talenthouse, Kontera, ContentForest, and Tangerine Digital. NewsCred stands out amongst its competitors because it’s one of the few companies offering a holistic solution to content marketing, since it offers content, enterprise software, distribution, and measurement all at once. According to Rand, NewsCred “closes the loop and has all the pieces to content marketing.” The fact that it provides 4 million articles from 4,500 publishers and offers licensed as opposed to aggregated content also gives it advantage in the content marketing landscape.

NewsCred’s content marketing platform has enabled many brands and businesses to significantly increase their leads and customer engagement. After partnering with Pepsi to create and curate relevant content for their multimedia content platform, Pepsi saw a 22% boost in social traffic and a 38% increase in monthly visits. In another example, NewsCred curated licensed content for the French consulting firm Capgemini to be shown in their LinkedIn sponsored stories. The campaign helped to gain an additional 350,000 unique visitors for Capgemini, and an additional 3,000 new LinkedIn followers per week from the IT and business sector.

As businesses worldwide are looking for ways to build authentic relationships with their customers, content marketing has become a significant part of many brands’ marketing efforts. NewsCred offers an end-to-end content marketing solution for brands to manage the entire content marketing process from content creation to distribution and measurement. As their CEO Shafqat Islam states, “We’re on a mission to redefine marketing by helping brands create meaningful connections with their audiences through content that’s relevant, entertaining, useful, and most importantly, reaches audiences where they are most engaged.”

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