Top 50 IoT campaigns: How much did they raise over their goal?

Here’s another analysis based on my previous post on the top 50 IoT campaigns on kickstarter and indiegogo.  I added a new parameter to see how much these companies raised over their original goal. While target amounts are often set intentionally low to make it easier to achieve, it may be interesting to see which projects overwhelmingly exceeded the expectations.



While the average X over target for the top 50 campaigns was 14.6x, the graph clearly shows that Pebble (102.7x), TrackR bravo (63.3x) and Spark Core (56.8x) are the overachievers. It is also interesting to see that the #2-5 (OUYA, Dash, SCiO, Rift) campaigns show much lower X figures and seem to have better forecasted the actual demand.

While not an IoT product, Coolest Cooler recently dethroned Pebble from the most funded campaign on kickstarter by raising $13.2M, which is 265x over their $50,000 goal—simply unbelievable.

Check out the full scan of the IoT sector with more than 500 companies here.

Best, Masami Kato (@Sammy_K)

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