Company in Spotlight: Sailthru

The rise of marketing automation technology enables brands and businesses to deliver more personalized experiences to their customers, thus increasing conversion rates and overall revenue. One of the innovators in the marketing automation software sector that I recently interviewed is the 6-year old company Sailthru (, which raised $48 million in the last three rounds and has 160 employees across New York, San Francisco, and London.

Sailthru helps brands interact with their consumers through user-centric personalization across mobile, email, analytics, onsite, social, and offline. Sailthru’s Marketing Technologist Nick Gundry demonstrated the company’s value proposition through his presentation and walked me through the Sailthru platform.

Gundry says that Sailthru’s defining characteristic is that it “gives your audience what they want before they know they want it” and that users receive personalization starting from Day1. Sailthru ensures that the content and product are finely tuned to individual users through segmentation and personalization. Features such as “personalized send time” allows for the delivery of email newsletters at exactly the time that users would usually read such emails. A 360-degree customer profile is also built around each individual user so that relevant products and brands could be presented to them based on their interests and browsing history. Sailthru also allows marketers to see when the users engage onsite in real-time through its Core Platform. Its Advanced Analytics provides out-of-the-box insights and cohort reports, and a fully customizable data cube for multidimensional analytics—both from native Sailthru data and any information passed to Sailthru.


Sailthru’s competitors include companies in the marketing automation software sector such as Marketo, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and companies in the email marketing sector such as ExactTarget, Responsys, and Constant Contact. According to Gundry, Sailthru faces competition in every aspect of their service from email marketing to analytics due to the comprehensive capabilities of its product. While other companies are offering a lot of the pieces, no one is offering everything that Sailthru’s product offers.

Sailthru’s highly personalized marketing targets the message towards each individual customer, thus extending their engagement time for increased revenue opportunity. The clothing brand Country Outfitter has evolved its email campaigns from “batch and blast” to personalized emails based on customer interests. As a result, it has seen a 50% lift in revenue per send, and a 20% lift in email purchase conversion. Gundry says that customers get 178% higher propensity to engage over time if you use Sailthru, as marketing personalization leads to higher customer retention.

Sailthru also offers recommendations that gather data from user interactions across multiple channels, including purchase data, to provide a highly optimized experience for the individual user. In another example, Sailthru has partnered with Business Insider to recommend articles to its users on itself and in its marketing emails. The “Recommended For You” section on and their email content are personalized for each visitor based on their preferences and interests.

As the marketing automation industry continues to evolve, delivering highly personalized marketing messages and optimizing the campaigns based on individual user data become significant for businesses to attract, retain, and convert its customers. In this regard Sailthru’s product offers comprehensive capabilities in delivering user-centric personalization in every step of the marketing and sales cycle. As CEO Neil Capel summarizes, “We believe that every user is unique and we’re providing the data and tools that today’s leading marketers need to create mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships with their customers.”

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