Funding per Company per Sector

Last week I looked at sectors poised for growth based on the percent of companies within a sector that have received funding. This week I sliced the data slightly differently to see if it would teach me anything new. I looked at the average funding per company per sector, for the companies that have received funding.

Funding per Company

  1. Anteing Up: Bitcoin, 3D Printing, and IoT seem to be in the anteing up phase of funding. Investors are placing small bets and watching for companies to breakout to double down on.
  2. Doubling Down: Digital Health, Marketing Automation, Financial Technology, Retail Technologies, and Future of TV/Video seem to be in the doubling down phase of funding. Investors have spotted potential winners and have doubled down on their bets.
  3. All In: Connected Transportation seems to be in the all in phase of funding. A select group of winners are emerging with investors placing much bigger bets on them.


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