The Top 50 most funded IoT campaigns on kickstarter and indiegogo

Recently I’ve noticed a growing number of IoT startups raising a lot of money very quickly on kickstarter and indiegogo. Skully Helmets raised more than $1M in a day and still growing,  Sense raised more than $2M, and JIBO just surpassed $1.8M, just to name a few (all figures at the time of writing this post).

I’ve been keeping track of these campaigns, and decided to make and share the Top 50 list of the most funded IoT campaigns on kickstarter and indiegogo.  I didn’t include pure robotics/drones and 3D printing companies as I think they are different enough to belong in a different bucket. I did my best checking the numbers but if you catch any errors, please let me know and I’ll fix them.

 Top 50 most funded IoT campaigns on kickstarter and indiegogo(as of Aug 22, 2014, all amounts converted to US$)

Rank Company Description Amount raised Campaign end Crowdfunding site
1 Pebble Smart watch $10,266,845 May//2012 Kickstarter
2 OUYA Cloud video game platform $8,596,474 Aug//2012 kickstarter
3 The Dash Smart earphones $3,390,551 Mar//2014 kickstarter
4 Scio Molecular sensor $2,762,571 Jun//2014 Kickstarter
5 Oculus Rift 3D headset $2,437,429 Sep//2012 kickstarter
6 Sense Pillow/room sensor $2,364,765 Aug//2014 Kickstarter
7 Canary Home security device $1,961,663 Aug//2013 indiegogo
8 Anova Precision Cooker Smart cooker $1,811,321 Jun//2014 kickstarter
9 JIBO Social robot $1,781,437 Sep//2014* indiegogo
10 Scanadu Scout Sensor packed device $1,662,187 Jul//2013 indiegogo
11 Emotiv Insight Brain wave reader $1,643,117 Sep//2013 kickstarter
12 Glyph HUD theatre $1,509,506 Feb//2014 kickstarter
13 Kreyos Smart Watch $1,503,849 Aug//2013 indiegogo
14 Giroptic 360 camera 360 degree camera $1,419,068 Jul//2014 Kickstarter
15 Skully Helmets HUD helmet $1,327,692 Sep//2014* indiegogo
16 LIFX Smart bulb $1,314,542 Nov//2012 Kickstarter
17 TrackR bravo Bluetooth tags $1,265,885 Aug//2014 indiegogo
18 Powerup 3.0 Paper airplane $1,232,612 Jan//2014 kickstarter
19 Lima Syncing storage $1,229,074 Sep//2013 kickstarter
20 SmartThings Connected home devices $1,209,423 Sep//2012 kickstarter
21 Healbe GoBe Calory counter $1,081,769 Apr//2014 indiegogo
22 Ritot Projection wristband $1,033,047 Aug//2014 indiegogo
23 Omate Smart Watch $1,032,352 Sep//2013 kickstarter
24 GoKey Charger, cable, locator, memory key ring $1,032,168 Jul//2014 indiegogo
25 AGENT Smart Watch $1,012,742 Jun//2013 kickstarter
26 Stick-N-Find Bluetooth tags $931,870 Jan//2013 indiegogo
27 Ring gesture control $880,998 Apr//2014 kickstarter
28 Misfit Shine Activity tracker $846,675 Jan//2013 indiegogo
29 Pine Smart Watch $801,224 Dec//2013 kickstarter
30 Ninja Sphere Smart home hub $702,937 Jan//2014 kickstarter
31 UDOO Android, Linux, Ardruino on a board $641,614 Jun//2013 kickstarter
32 Atlas Activity tracker $629,019 Mar//2014 indiegogo
33 Skybell Smart doorbell $583,679 Sep//2013 indiegogo
34 Amiigo Activity tracker $580,710 Mar//2013 indiegogo
35 Microview Chip-sized Ardruino with OLED $573,760 Apr//2014 kickstarter
36 Spark Core IoT wifi module $567,968 Jun//2013 kickstarter
37 Twine DIY Iot sensor module $556,541 Jan//2012 kickstarter
38 Memoto Lifelog camera $550,189 Nov//2012 kickstarter
39 PocketScan Wireless scanner $542,732 Jul//2013 kickstarter
40 Beddit Bed sensor $503,283 Oct//2013 indiegogo
41 WigWag Home sensor and platform $454,976 Aug//2013 kickstarter
42 Moment SmartWatch $447,900 Jul//2014 kickstarter
43 NeuroOn Sleep eye cover $438,573 Jan//2014 kickstarter
44 Korner Security sensor $416,994 Jun//2014 indiegogo
45 NFC Ring Gesture control $401,330 Aug//2013 kickstarter
46 Sentri Home security device $391,166 Jul//2014 kickstarter
47 TellSpec Food sensor $386,392 Nov//2013 indiegogo
48 Skulpt Aim Body fat measurement $384,777 Jan//2014 kickstarter
49 Edyn Garden monitoring sensor $384,201 Jul//2014 kickstarter
50 LaMetric Smart ticker box $370,001 Aug//2013 kickstarter

*Jibo and Skully’s campaigns are still ongoing as of Aug 25, 2014

 Okay, so let’s take this a step further and see how the campaigns faired out over time. Below is a scatter graph that graphically displays when the campaigns ended and how much they raised.


 A few things that stand out are:

1) The early anomalies were really something special

Pebble and OUYA raised a LOT of money.  None of the later IoT companies didn’t even come close to it. They were the anomalies. I’ll bet they inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps.

2) The IoT baby boom began around May 2013

You can see the cluster getting very busy right after May 2013. This is about a year after Pebble and OUYA shook the world, so this may be the first batch of entrepreneurs that got inspired by them. Timing sounds right as our friend at emberlight took about a year from conceptualization to kickstarter.

3) New stars coming out from the new-generation

After the first batch, we start to see an upward scatter with new stars like The Dash, Scio, Sense, JIBO, Anova, Canary, Scanadu, etc. appearing after spring/summer 2014. What’s different from the Pebble days is that there are more of them and more variety of them, but raising more humble figures  (ONLY a couple of million or so dollars!).

So why does the boom continue? Are the products/ideas getting better? Are the entrepreneurs getting better at deploying campaigns? Are there more backers? Perhaps a combination of the above and more. But all in all, I don’t see signs of things slowing down yet and there still seems to be lots of room to test and try your craziest IoT ideas on crowd funding sites!

Check out the full scan of the IoT sector with more than 500 companies here.

Best, Masami Kato

3 thoughts on “The Top 50 most funded IoT campaigns on kickstarter and indiegogo

  1. Nathan M December 24, 2014 / 5:05 pm

    What about 3Doodler? $2,344,134 on Kickstarter. March 25, 2013.

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