Insights make all the difference

“Venture Scanner’s insights help us make sense of emerging sectors and zero in on opportunities.” Duncan Davidson, Managing Director at Bullpen Capital

At Venture Scanner, we pride ourselves on our analyst insights. While we think of ourselves as a technology company and are reinventing the analyst coverage industry from the ground up with data, technology, and workflows, we ultimately see our analyst insights as the determining factor when our customers make decisions. Whether it is a CIO or CMO making a key purchasing or partnership decision, or a VC making an investment decision, or a corporate development executive making an acquisition decision, in all these cases the determining factor has been the insights on top of the data and companies our technology has aggregated, clustered, and organized.

Our technology enables our analysts to surface companies in sectors and assess how companies are performing based on available social, traction, and financing data, but to truly cut through the noise our analysts immerse themselves in the sectors we cover and gather firsthand intelligence. The amount of publicly available data on private companies is very limited, and the earlier stage the company, the more finite that data set is. Many times the data set available is limited to what the companies themselves have uploaded on properties like AngelList, traffic or app data from services like Compete, and social data from Twitter. There are also crowd signals from products like ProductHunt that we factor in. However, while the sum of all this publicly available data might give us an okay first approximation of what companies might be trending, it certainly does not provide the insight to make a purchasing, investing, or acquisition decision where significant sums of money are at stake.

Such decisions require actionable insights. In order to provide insightful and actionable intelligence to our customers, we organize our operations around domain experts who play the role of sector analysts. Our sector analysts spend their days fully immersed in the sectors they cover through the following activities:

  1. Product Lens: Creating trial accounts in the companies within their sectors, using the products, and determining unique differentiators, strengths, and weakness for said products.
  2. Primary Research: Meeting one-on-one with companies within their sectors to understand strategic direction, key feature releases on the horizon, and operating metrics.
  3. Trend Identification: Attending sector focused events/meetups and meeting with VCs investing in their sectors to catch emerging trends.

The sum of all this gives our sector analysts the raw ingredients to form actionable insights for our customers. These include defining the unique drivers of each category of companies and highlighting the companies that are exhibiting them, compiling feature and usability comparisons amongst the companies within a category, and stating the key assumptions within a category that will determine future growth.

So, while unearthing the data on private companies through our technology provides the starting point for making sense of any given sector, category, or company, the final answer lies in insights. Give our analyst insights a try, contact me at or 650-218-0067.


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