Announcing On-Demand Diligence

While most of you know us for our ongoing coverage of emerging sectors through our subscription scans to the Financial Technology, Internet of Things, Digital Health, and many other sectors, we have quietly started a new service.

Given our unique sector landscaping technology and analyst process, we get inbound calls from investors asking us for help in their diligence cycles. The calls are all pretty standard, “Hey Nader, I know you guys do sector mapping and analysis, any chance you can help us diligence company X?” There is also generally a sense of urgency, with a need for a 24-120 hour turnaround to help facilitate a go/no-go decision on a deal. We’ve embraced all of these requests and jumped on each and all of them. As our technology and analyst process has evolved, we now see an exciting opportunity we are uniquely positioned to own, a business unit focused on On-Demand Diligence.

We take a SEAL Team Six approach with our On-Demand Diligence. We deploy our technology and dedicate several analysts from our team in Silicon Valley to the diligence scans and the customer receives the following with a secure login.

  1. Landscape: Sector landscape (scan) for company X in diligence, including the categories and companies that fall within them.
  2. Company Profiles: Details on the companies within the landscape (summary, funding, investors, and headcount)
  3. Insights: Analyst insights on the sector and questions we think should be asked of Company X’s CEO

In addition, customers all get a call with the analyst team on the case to discuss the scan and ask questions.

Here is what one of our first customers, Bullpen Capital, has to say about our On-Demand Diligence Scans.


To give On-Demand Diligence a try, contact me at or 650-218-0067. We trust you’ll feel much more confident about your investment decision as a result.


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