How can startups and entrepreneurs gain an unfair advantage with Venture Scanner?

“Developing a deeper understanding of the IoT domain and ecosystem through Venture Scanner gave me a leg up when I started my company.” Atif Noori, Founder & CEO, emberlight

Venture Scanner being my second startup, I know all about the many worries a founder takes to bed with them at night and wakes up to the very next morning. Aside from the payroll, runway, product, traction, and personnel challenges, there is the never-ending worry of keeping up with your competitive landscape and making sure you miss nothing of relevance. Has a new competitor emerged or has a competitor released a feature, pivoted, or raised a financing round?

We have designed Venture Scanner to be your one stop shop for answers to all these questions. On the one hand, our sector scans give startups exposure to our corporate and investor customers, on the other hand the same scans can be used to continuously keep a pulse on a startup’s competitive landscape. Stop into your sector scan throughout the day and see if companies have emerged, raised money, pivoted, or released a product feature. Our sector analysts and technology are continuously scanning the sector for material events and news, so you don’t have to. We enable founders and CEOs to focus on running their companies, and shift the worry of continuously scanning the competitive landscape to Venture Scanner.

In addition, a Venture Scanner sector analyst can be a key partner to a given startup. Our analysts are fully immersed in the sectors they cover and can be a great resource for startups to discuss insights from the sector and how it could play into their strategies. In addition, sector analysts can open doors for startups with corporations, investors and other startups for either sales, BD, investments, and M&A.

Lastly, for entrepreneurs who have not yet started a company, our scans can be a fabulous resource for uncovering opportunities or holes in a sector that could be filled. For example, a recent example is Atif Noori, founder and CEO of emberlight. Through scanning the IoT space, Atif was able to validate that there existed an opportunity to turn all lights into smart lights by creating an adapter that all bulbs can plug into. He has since built a proof of concept and exceeded his Kickstarter campaign target for preorders.

So startup founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, join as on Venture Scanner. Let us be your one stop shop for competitive intelligence or opportunity identification. If you are cash strapped, just ping me (, we’ll find something that works for you.


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