Update: Internet of Things landscape (500 companies)

When I launched the IoT landscape two months ago, I had 391 companies in the system. Today I scanned my 500th company into Venture Scanner so I decided to update the category map. I also added a new category called “Tags and Trackers” as we’re seeing a growing number of startups making little devices that help people find smartphones, items, and kids.


The IoT space is surely booming at an explosive pace with new companies starting crowd funding campaigns almost everyday. While the market booms and shapes itself, it’ll be chaotic with many new entrants trying all types of different things. Some will work, some won’t. However amidst this chaos will rise the few companies that create new solutions, survive, grow, and shape the future of IoT.

I’ll continue to monitor this space, add companies, and curate articles on Venture Scanner. Keep an eye on it to identify the emerging trends in the IoT space!

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