Introducing the Marketing Automation Scan

The marketing automation industry has seen significant growth over the last 3 years. The industry covers a broad range of companies, software, and tools that allow marketers to automate the process of inbound and outbound marketing to increase the efficiency of generating and converting leads. Being the sector analyst of marketing automation, I have examined the industry in depth to cover the established giants and the up-and-coming stars. The Marketing Automation scan is divided into the following categories:

Marketing Automation Map

  • Email Marketing Companies — Being one of the first genres of the marketing automation industry, email marketing companies create products that allow marketers to deliver email newsletters to their userbase, as well as segmenting and targeting their email lists for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Marketing Automation Software — The marketing automation software category includes some established giants such as Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, and others. They enable marketers to streamline and automate marketing tasks so that certain marketing and sales routines, such as sending email newsletter campaigns or posting social media posts, could be completed automatically.
  • Social Media Marketing Companies — Social media marketing companies help to promote brands and products across popular social media networks. They identify and utilize social media influencers to spread the word about the brand’s products to increase traffic and overall awareness.
  • Social Intelligence Companies — Social intelligence companies monitor and listen to the various social media interactions and analytics around a brand to identify and communicate with the power users in order to enable brands to better market their products.
  • Content Marketing Companies — Content marketing companies create valuable and relevant written and visual content such as blog posts, infographics, research analysis papers, video tutorials, and how-to guides in order to promote products and convert readers into customers.
  • Website Analytics — Website analytics tools measure the traffic, engagement, behavioral patterns, and other such important statistics for a website. This data is then used in the optimization of the website to increase traffic and conversion rate.
  • Search Engine Optimization Companies — Search engine optimization companies help websites attain higher placements on search engines’ results pages, which lead to more clickthroughs and overall traffic. This is accomplished by adapting websites’ content, utilizing common search keywords, increasing the number of backlinks, and others.

Together, these companies and tools allow marketers to automate and increase the overall efficiency of the process of acquiring visitors and converting them into loyal customers. I will continue to update the Marketing Automation scan with more companies and news coverage daily, so make sure to subscribe to the scan and check back often.

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