The explosion of IoT accelerators and incubators

Last week GE and Frost announced a joint effort to create an incubation program called Frost I3 incubator. It focuses on the industrial internet—solutions that utilize big data and sensors that drive efficiency and productivity. This past week Microsoft Ventures and American Family Insurance also announced the creation of an accelerator for the connected home.

I think we can all sense that there is an explosion in IoT programs these days, so I made a list of IoT-centric accelerators and incubators that I’ve found in my past scans. And oh there are so many of them.

In addition to the first-gen IoT accelerators (US-based and/or US/China combo), the new trending areas seem to be in:
1) Europe: Lots of  new players there. It’s not surprising as we are seeing a lot of European IoT startups on crowd funding sites these days.
2) Corporates: While Corporate VCs and accelerators have existed for some time, IoT is perhaps a sweet spot where startups and corporates provide value to one another. Startups can bring innovative ideas and speed to corporates, while corporates can provide startups manufacturing, supply chain, and marketing expertise to ensure startups do not fail in delivery.

Here is the full list I have complied, let me know if you know of others and I will add them to the list:



In the short while, I’ll be adding a new category in my IoT scans to incorporate the above players and add any new ones that will surely continue to arise.

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