Deal Discovery Is a Process


One of the reasons we cover emerging technology sectors in our dynamic scan format is that we believe opportunity identification is a journey. Finding the right deal is a process of discovery, not a simple search problem.

Our venture scans provide a holistic view of a technology sector and enable our customers to navigate the various categories in the sector, see all the players in a category, and ultimately discover opportunities that could be assessed for partnerships, investments, or acquisitions. Conversely, if our customers are looking at a company, they can see where that company fits in a sector and who all the other players are to determine the best fit for their unique needs.

Our model can work both as an ongoing process for corporations who need to stay abreast of trends in a sector and act as opportunities are uncovered (see case study) or during quick investor diligence cycles. It is this framework and data coupled with our analyst coverage that makes our process unique. The analyst insights are born by immersing ourselves in the sectors we cover and talking to the representative companies. This sheds light on the drivers within a sector and which companies are exhibiting them.

Our approach is counter to many analytics solutions out there that analyze companies in a silo without the context of the broad sector landscape or the qualitative analyst insights. Whether you start with a top down approach by diving into a sector or a bottom up approach by starting with a company, our scans will expose you to both the breadth and depth needed to make a decision.

Happy scanning.


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