Why are we working on Venture Scanner?

A lot of people ask me why we are working on Venture Scanner.

There are two reasons that motivate us.

First, we aim to level the playing field for startups. One of the key observations from our past startups was that deal makers, whether they be investors or multinational corporations, tend to do deals with companies that have raised the most money or received the most press. One goal of our scans is to expose the full market landscape for each sector, and give all companies within a sector a fair shot at gaining exposure, finding distribution, and consummating deals.

Second, due to the explosion of startup activity, it has become substantially more difficult for corporations and investors to navigate sectors of interest, identify insights early on, and find the right companies that could be a strategic fit. At the same time, corporations are now outsourcing part of their R&D to the startup ecosystem. Corporations must continuously engage with the startup community to identify emerging trends and companies that could be integral to their growth. Their ongoing relevance depends on it. Our scans make it easy for corporations and investors to keep a pulse on their sectors of interest and to catch insights around promising companies very early on.

More on our scanning methodology in the next post, but now you know what motivates and drives us here at Venture Scanner.


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