What is a Venture Scanner scan?

Last week I wrote about why we started Venture Scanner and why it’s important. Today I want to share what a scan is.

The simplest description of a scan is a one stop shop for data and insights on any emerging technology sector. It includes a dynamic map of all the companies in the sector, curated daily news, and original analyst insights. We aim to make it easy to continuously keep a pulse on sectors of interest, monitor companies, or find opportunities.

Our approach is one part technology and one part analyst context. Our technology aggregates available data on companies and organizes companies into clusters. Our analysts then arrange these clusters into dynamic maps that represent a technology sector like 3D Printing, Retail Online to Offline, Financial Technology, etc. Our technology then continuously refreshes the scans while our analysts build an ongoing insights layer on top of the data.

The insights layer is derived by fully immersing ourselves in the sectors we cover. Our analysts are in regular contact with the companies in a sector, derive what the drivers for success are, and spot trends as they emerge. These insights combined with the underlying data enable our customers to make informed decisions and take action.

Through Venture Scanner you can answer the following questions:

  • Who are the companies in a technology sector?
  • How do the companies stack up against one another?
  • What are the key drivers for success in a sector and which companies are exhibiting them?

Our scans are dynamic and updated daily, so you’ll rest assured knowing you are not missing material events.


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